Name: Wundex Comfort adult diapers.


Name: Wundex elastic bandages


Name: Red-i eye drops x10ml

Use for: Red irritated eyes

Ingredients: Witch-hazel water, Camomile water, Euphrasy water and Cornflower water.

Actions: -Refreshing



-Relief from redness


Name: Eyestill eye drops x10ml

Use for: Relieve the feeling of dryness and irritation of the eye caused by environmental influences such as solarradiation, dust, air conditioning systems

Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Cetrimide and Dexpanthenol.

Actions: -Sterile eye solution





Name: Nefelo Neb Nebulizing machine

Use for: Effective respiratory therapy, Effective medication



Name: Nefelo Neb accessories set


Name: Wundex alginate sheet dressing 10cm x 10cm

Use for: Absorbs evenly the secretions, forms and helps to maintain a wet environment in the wound. Stops the bleeding.



Name: Wundex hydrocolloid foam

Use for: Maintains wet environment in the area and protects from the bacteria and water (waterproof). Good absorbency of exudate.


Name: Wundex foam 10cm x 10cm

Use for: Very absorbent. Sift from the bacteria and breathable. Nonstick. Comfortable and protective. Wet environment and faster healing.